Best Electrical Cleaning Wipes Reviews in 2021

Best Electrical Cleaning Wipes Reviews in 2021

The fact that we live in the ICT age means we are surrounded by many electrical devices. These include laptops, smartphones, tables, printers, and televisions among other electronics. Because of their regular usage, these gadgets are prone to getting dirty. The dirt may be brought about by dust, fingerprints, skin oils and grease among others.  

Luckily, you can acquire electrical cleaning wipes to help you deal with this challenge. Most of the wipes for cleaning electronics are smooth and soft to ensure they leave your electrical devices and screens looking spotlessly clean without any scratch.  Electronic cleaner wipes come help you to maintain your devices so that they can serve you better and for longer. Here are our recommended electrical wipes:

Best Electrical Cleaning Wipes

Our Top Pics
1. Endust screen & Electronics Cleaning wipes 
2. Windex Electronics Wipes
3. MiracleWipes for Electronics Cleaning
4. iCloth Electricals Cleaning Wipes
5. Weiman E-Tronic Electricals Cleaning Wipes

1. Endust Screen & Electronics Cleaning Wipes 

This brand of electrical cleaning wipes is the best seller on Amazon. Each pack comes with 70 soft wipes which you can use in wiping your computers, tablets, televisions, mice, laptops, computers among other electronics. These wipes eliminate all dust, dirt and fingerprints that may accumulate on your screens and electronics especially if they are regularly used. Additionally, you can use these electrical wipes to remove any skin oil, makeup, smudges and other kinds of debris that stick on the screens of electronic devices hence interfering with visibility.

Endust Screen & Electronics Cleaning Wipes are non-toxic and free from alcohol and ammonia which makes them very safe to use. These electronics wipes are pre-moistened and anti-static which means they are very soft and non-abrasive on your gadgets. They are come nicely packed in a container that makes it very easy to dispense the wipes.

Key Product Features & Benefits

  • Each package has 70 wipes.
  • Cleans screens and electronics.
  • Soft and non-abrasive.
  • Anti-static and pre-moistened.
  • Free from any toxic substance.
  • Safe to use and easy to dispense.
  • Free from alcohol and ammonia.

2. Windex Electronics Wipes

Windex electronic wipes enable you to give an instant cleaning to all your devices such as tablets, laptops, phones and other electrical gadgets. This award-winning brand comes in a pack of 25 wipes and doesn’t leave behind any dirt, dust, fingerprints or smudges on your electronics. The package is easy to open and dispense. Once you are done with cleaning, it is possible to reseal the package for storage purposes. Windex has received numerous plaudits and positive ratings from users which have made it the Amazon’s choice.

Add a sparkle and shine to your electrical devices by acquiring the Windex Electronics Wipes.

Key Product Features & Benefits

  • Package contains a total of 25 wipes.
  • Gentle and safe on electronic surfaces.
  • The package is resealable for easier storage.
  • Cleans all electronics.
  • Soft and anti-static wipes.

3. MiracleWipes for Electronics Cleaning

These wipes pride themselves as being quick and efficient. You can use them to remove fingerprints, dirt, smudges and skin oils that may impair the proper functioning of your electronics. Each package has 60 wipes which help you to maintain and clean your electronics such as cameras, screens, laptops, and smartphones among others. MiracleWipes for Electronics Cleaning is safe and anti-static which makes it ideal for cleaning electronic devices without leaving behind any debris or dirt.

MiracleWipes for Electronics Cleaning dry quickly after use. This ensures no streaks are left behind. It is gentle on electronic surfaces which has made it suitable to be used professionally or just at home. These electrical contacts cleaning wipes have been carefully packaged which makes them easy to use and store.

Key Product Features & Benefits

  • Each container has 60 wipes.
  • Cleans a variety of electrical devices.
  • They are streak-free and anti-static.
  • Dries quickly leaving surfaces sparkles clean.
  • They are safe for use.
  • Relatively cheap.

4. iCloth Electrical Cleaning Wipes

This brand includes 150 small electrical cleaning wipes removes all residue and debris from all electronic surfaces. The wipes have been widely used at home, in offices and in aviation to clean and maintain all electronics and screens. They iCloth electronic wipes have been approved for aerospace use which makes them one of the market leaders in this area. These wipes are free from alcohol and ammonia which makes them very safe to use.

These cleaning wipes for electronics leaves all the devices and screen and screens looking spotless and streak-free with just one swipe. They are non-abrasive and have low moisture content hence they leave the surfaces looking shiny. As opposed to most of the brands, each wipe is individually wrapped hence you can comfortably carry it in your pocket wherever you go.  Made with American technology, these wipes are soft yet tough. This brand stands out as the best electronic wipes for small-sized devices.

Key Product Features & Benefits

  • Each package has 150 small electronics wipes.
  • Approved for use in the aviation industry.
  • Each wrapped individually wrapped.
  • Convenient to carry around.
  • Cleans quickly and effectively.
  • Best electronics wipe for small devices.
  • The wipes are pre-moistened.

5. Weiman E-Tronic Electricals Cleaning Wipes

Most of your devices are subjected to everyday use. They are likely to attract dust and dirt due to oils and smudges; this is where we recommend electrical cleaner wipes. This brand removes all these dirt leaving your electronics spotlessly clean. It is anti-static and dries very fast which means it does not leave behind any streaks.

Each package has 30 wipes that you can use to clean all electronics and screens. These wipes are manufactured with advanced technology and they are free from ammonia and other toxic substances.

Key Product Features & Benefits

  • Includes 30 electronic wipes.
  • Free from ammonia.
  • Safe for use.
  • Doesn’t leave behind any scratches.
  • Easy to dispense.

Electronic devices are valuable yet delicate and that’s why they deserve proper cleaning and maintain ace. The best option for achieving this is by acquiring one of the best electrical cleaning wipes. These wipes are helpful in removing all kinds of dirt hence allowing you to enjoy using your devices without any limitations. There are numerous electronic cleaning wipes brands but we have reviewed the best in the market. You can read our brief buying guide and tips for using these electrical wipes in the paragraphs below.

Buying Guide for the Best Electrical Cleaning Wipes


When shopping for the best electrical cleaning wipes, you need to consider how safe it is. This is important especially when it comes to handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. You wipe should guarantee safety so that you don’t have to use it with any fear.  At the very least, the electronic cleaner of choice should be free from ammonia and other toxic materials.


Always go for the brand that is easy to open and use. Additionally, the package should be resealable after it has been used for easier storage. Properly packaged wipes give you a good and cleaning experience. Most of the brands would be packaged differently. For instance, the iCloth wipes are individually wrapped which means you can safely carry it in your pocket.

You may also want to check the number of pieces per pack. The number of wipes varies from brand to brand. To make this decision you need to consider your individual needs in terms of how many devices you need to clean and how big their surfaces are.


The best electronic wipes should allow you to clean a wide variety of devices and surfaces. They should not just be limited to a few electronic devices. The more versatile a brand is the more value for money it has. The wipes should allow you clean and maintain your notebooks, phones, tablets, laptops, keyboards, televisions, remote controls, printers among other electronic devices.

Additionally, the wipes should be able to remove all kinds of dirt irrespective of the cause. They should be able to eliminate the dust, fingerprints, skin oils, makeup and other debris that may impair the functioning of the electronic devices. Further, the best electronics wipes dry very fast and do not leave behind any streaks or residue.

Important Tips on Using Electrical Cleaning Wipes

1. Always ensure that the electrical device you intend to clean is switched off and disconnected from power. Also, you should wait until the device has cooled. This is important in ensuring your safety, minimizing streaks and avoiding damages.

2. Do not clean the electronic devices when they are charging.

3. After the cleaning exercise, you should wash your hands thoroughly with clean and running water. Avoid touching your eyes during the cleaning process.

4. Protect your children and pets by keeping the wipes safely away from their reach. Always seal the package when it is not in use.

5. Once you are done, ensure that you dispose of the used wipe(s) in the bin correctly.

Our Final Thoughts

The importance of electrical wipes on your electrical devices is huge. The wipes leave your electronic devices looking exceptionally clean without any stretch or scratch. We hope that our list of the best electrical cleaning wipes reviews will provide a good guide to enable you to make the final buying decision.

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