Difference between Mechanical and Membrane Keyboards

The debate on mechanical versus membrane keyboards has been on for a while now. Many have been left wondering which one is superior to the other. It is important to understand that mechanical and membrane keyboards differ from each other in several ways such as in functionality and user experience. There are benefits and downfalls to each of these keyboards which the user needs to understand before making a buying decision.

Mechanical Keyboard

The mechanical keyboards make use of mechanical switches to send the typing signals. There are different types of switches with each performing differently. Each key has its own switch which comprises of a spring, a base and a stem. With mechanical keyboards, you can remove and exchange the keycaps. On the other hand, membrane keyboards consist of a thin membrane layer which presses on the circuit layer which registers the pressed key accordingly.

The benefits of mechanical keyboards include their long lifespan which can last a lifetime of normal use. They are also durable, stable and offer an enhanced tactile feedback which ensures you have a more satisfying typing experience.  On the downside, the mechanical keyboards are heavier, noisier and relatively expensive compared to membrane keyboards. Generally, mechanical keyboards are ideal for tasks such as gaming, programming and writing due to their durability, tactility and rollover characteristics.

Membrane Keyboard

The pros of membrane keyboards include their affordability, variety and compact nature. These keyboards keep noise to a minimum even when typing with high speed. One of the drawbacks of membrane keyboards is that they have a shorter lifespan compared to mechanical keyboards. Also, these keyboards are harder to replace a part and to clean. In terms of use, membrane keyboards are suitable for light use such as in your home working office and whenever you are travelling.

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